Saturday, 1 August 2009

BLACK OUT pugliese

hi there, I'm now in Puglia the last piece of earth of southern Italy.
It's a long time that I'm not sending news to anybody, the reason is that I'm completely out of connexion! there's no web in the places in which I'm working.
yes, because I'm working!
I'm creating some stages for pieces of thatre. very good experience!
I'm gonna stay here until the last days of August, and then I'm surely gonna be back to the virtual, internet, net life!
for the moment I send you a great hug and don't worry: I'm alive!!!

(remember: if you need to tell me something, my tel number is (0039) 348.18.579.59)


Chiara said...

Che belli che siete!!!! Ma quanto ci mancate!!! Sai che è proprio bella la scenografia del muical, io non sono neanche riuscita avederla!!! Vogliamo tornare!!! Ci mettiamo a dormire in bagno, ci prendete li con voi??? La maglietta dell'animazione ce l'abbiao già... E' fatta no??? Vi mandiamo un grossissimo, enorme, mastodontico bacio a tutti. Miss eleganza mira 2009 (chiara), cesara (Andrea), Josuè (alessandro)

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